Can I Bring My Cat to the United States?

Many travellers to the United States ask our immigration law firm whether it is possible to bring a pet such as a cat to the United States with them. The answer is yes, but there are several requirements you and your cat will need to follow before the cat is allowed into the United States when you immigrate to the United StatesUS Cat

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regulate the importation of animals into the United States. When you immigrate to the United States with an animal such as a cat, that is what you are doing – importing the cat.

How to bring your cat with you when you immigrate to the US

Most pets, including cats, are subject to a general health inspection at the US border or port of entry. They will need to be inspected to make sure that the animal does not have any infectious disease that could affect humans, otherwise the cat will be denied entry.

If the cat is sick or shows symptoms of being ill, a veterinarian will have to inspect the cat before allowing the cat into the United States.

In many cases of animal importation into the United States, the animal must be vaccinated against rabies. While cats do not generally have to be vaccinated against rabies to enter the United States, many states require a cat to be vaccinated. It is generally a good idea to vaccinate your cat or make sure your cat has already been vaccinated against rabies before you travel to the United States, and to be able to provide proof of that to immigration officials should they ask.

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