I Am A Permanent Resident in Canada. Can I Sponsor A Spouse?

A permanent resident in Canada may sponsor a spouse for permanent residency in Canada of their own. However, the permanent resident must be able to prove that they can support their spouse when they come to Canada as well as meeting other requirements. Visit Canada

Requirements for sponsoring a spouse in Canada

For example, you must be able to prove that you earn enough money to financially support your spouse. In addition, you will have to sign a sponsorship agreement with the Government of Canada that indicates you agree to provide for the immigrant for a certain amount of time – if you fail to do so and your sponsored spouse were to go on welfare of obtain social assistance, even in the event of a divorce before your specified time of sponsorship is expired, you will be held responsible for the money your spouse or former spouse obtained and have to pay it back.

In addition, if you are found to be in breach of this sponsorship agreement you could face legal action by the government.

Requirements for a sponsor in Canada

In order to be a sponsor in Canada, you need to be above 19 years of age and living in Canada as either a permanent resident or a Canadian Citizen. You may not be in prison, have filed for bankruptcy or under a deportation or removal order.

Can my spousal sponsorship application be denied?

Spousal sponsorship applications in Canada are extremely complex and can take a number of years. Many of them are denied. If you want to sponsor a spouse to Canada, it’s best to discuss your case with a licensed immigration lawyer first. You will need to make sure that you are eligible and that you at the very least have a chance before investing yourself in the process. Contact us using the form on the right as soon as possible for help with your spousal sponsorship case.

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