Denied Entry to US at Austin Airport

When you arrive at an Austin airport off of an international flight, you should be prepared to be questioned and searched by the United States Customs and Border Protection officers. 

What to expect when entering the United States at an airport

When you enter the United States via an airport, you will be questioned in the same manner as you would be if you were entering via a land border.

Some of the questions you will be asked will include: How often do you visit the United States, have you travelled there before, have you ever stayed longer in the United States than you were supposed to, how much money are you bringing into the United States, who are you going to be visiting in the United States, where will you be staying when you are in the United States, and many more.

You should also be prepared to have your luggage searched, without your permission. Unfortunately, when you are entering the United States as a foreign national you have very few rights.

If the United States border and customs officials are not satisfied, they can deny you entry to the United States, even if you already have a valid visa to enter.

What happens when I am denied entry to Austin at the airport?

If you are denied entry to Austin at the airport, you will be informed of this by the US customs officials. They will let you know why you are being denied entry, and you may have to wait in a detainment area until there is a flight going back where you came from.

It is not the airline’s responsibility to make sure you are eligible to enter the United States, it’s yours. Ensure that you are eligible in advance by discussing your situation with a licensed immigration lawyer. We can make the difference!

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