What if I am facing a removal order in Canada to the United States in 2012?

Many people have heard of being deported from Canada. A deportation order is only one of three different types of removal orders that are carried out by the Canada Border Services Agency. 

The three types are:

1. A departure order, where you need to leave Canada within 30 days of a specific date. If you do not leave Canada within 30 days of this specific date, your departure order turns into a deportation order.
2. An exclusion order, where you are removed from and barred from re-entering Canada for a year without special written permission obtained from the Canada Border Services Agency.
3. The deportation order, where you are removed from Canada and barred from every re-entering Canada.

There are many reasons you can be issued a removal order, usually for breaching the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act. The type of removal order you would be facing depends on the seriousness of your offence.

What can I do if I am facing a removal order?

If you are facing an removal order, you could make a claim for refugee protection if you have a good reason to. This would delay the removal order until the claim is decided.

You may also be eligible to appeal your removal order if you are a permanent resident or a protected person in Canada. There are specific requirements as to who can appeal a removal order and who can not.

Please contact our immigration law firm immediately if you are facing a removal order. You may only have a very short period of time in which you can appeal your removal order or have your removal from Canada delayed. Please call us at the telephone number above for an assessment of your case and the removal order against you.

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